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Reflections, Announcements, News, Thoughts…the Pastor's RANT

In today's readings, we discover that material wealth alone does not keep us from discipleship. We will see that there are other gifts more important than material wealth, but even so, it is how we use our gifts that matter most.

Today's scriptures point to the value of the gifts of wisdom, trusting in God, and letting our actions reflect the love of God from within. It is not gold that causes us to fall, but rather the desire for gold above all other things. From the readings in Wisdom and Hebrews, we find the source of God's gifts in our lives. Wisdom is more valuable than worldly possessions. In Hebrews, we are challenged to look at our own values and admit honestly what controls our lives.


The author of Wisdom suggests that wisdom is the greatest gift we can ask of God. Higher than the highest royalty, more priceless than any gem, even more important than good health, it is an enduring gift from God. Attaining it and maintaining it requires sacrifice on our part. Unfortunately, it is more sacrifice than the rich man in today's Gospel may have been willing to make.

Like many of us, the rich young man lived a good life and followed God's laws, but Jesus warned him that this would not be enough. Even though the rich man had many qualities of a disciple, he lacked the ability to do the one thing that a disciple needed to do. He needed to surrender everything and follow Jesus with empty hands. Jesus loved the man and reached out toward him. He told him that the only thing standing in the way of his discipleship was selling all his possessions and giving the proceeds to the poor. Sadly for the rich man, he had many possessions. We'll never find out if he could bring himself to part with them.

The other disciples stood nearby during this encounter. They had already given up their families and worldly possessions, so Jesus' answer to the rich man was very important to them. They already depended on Jesus completely and they trusted in him.


Like the rich man, it is hard for us to give up some of the things that we have. Some may count their worth in dollars and cents, but there are others who are unable to give up their power and control. There are still others who crave fame and popularity. Many of these gifts: fame, popularity, power and wealth, have been used throughout history to help the poor and the oppressed. Our own gifts may not be of such tremendous magnitude, yet nevertheless we are called to share them generously.


El autor de Sabiduría nos sugiere que la sabiduría es el don más grande de Dios. Superior a la realeza más alta, más inapreciable que ninguna piedra preciosa, aun más importante que la buena salud, es un don perdurable de Dios. Este don necesita sacrificio de nuestra parte. Por desgracia, requería más sacrificio que el hombre rico en Evangelio de hoy pudo haber estado dispuesto a hacer.

Como muchos de entre nosotros, el hombre rico vivía una buena vida y observaba las leyes de Dios. Pero, Jesús le advirtió que esto no era suficiente. Aun cuando el hombre rico tenía muchas cualidades de discípulo, le faltaba la habilidad de hacer lo único que era necesario. Tenía que dejar todo y seguir a Jesús de todo corazón. Jesús sintió amor por el hombre y trató de acercarse a él. Le dijo que lo único que le impedía ser discípulo eran sus pertenencias y debería venderlas y dar las ganancias a los pobres. Tristemente, el hombre rico tenía muchas posesiones. Nunca descubrimos si él podría separarse de ellas.

Los demás discípulos estaban muy cerca durante este encuentro. Ya habían dejado sus familias y posesiones, y por tanto la respuesta de Jesús al hombre rico fue muy importante para ellos. Ya dependían de Jesús completamente y confiaban en él.


Igual que para el hombre rico, es difícil para nosotros renunciar a algunas de las cosas que tenemos. Podemos valorarnos en dólares y centavos, pero hay algunos que no pueden renunciar al poder y al control. Hay otros que tienen muchos deseos de fama y popularidad. Muchos de estos regalos —fama, popularidad, poder y riquezas— han sido utilizados en el correr de los siglos para ayudar a los pobres y condenados. Nuestros regalos quizás no son de tan gran magnitud; pero, no obstante, somos llamados a compartirlos con generosidad.

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OCT 24

Contemplative Dialogue Workshop

at Spiritual Ministry Center, 4822 Del Mar Ave., San Diego, CA 92107

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Contemplative Dialogue Workshop

at Spiritual Ministry Center, 4822 Del Mar Ave., San Diego, CA 92107

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