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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Hall


In June 2010, with the blessing of Bishop Brom, construction began on our Parish Hall. As each month passed, we could see the of the parish hall. Demolition began with complete removal and leveling of the existing parking lot. Initially things seemed to move very fast. As each month unfolded, a new and exciting phase of visible construction was undertaken and completed. Suddenly with only few months to go everything seemed to come to a halt. The exterior structure remained the same, but inside much work was being done. Our St. Thomas Aquinas Center was being completed; kitchen, classrooms, offices and support rooms were all being fitted out with necessary plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation.

Near the planned completion date, the precise planning of the Lord Architecture and meticulous supervision of Roel Construction combined to provide the Corpus Christi Parish family a long-dreamt-for Parish Hall. Central to the structure is the St. Thomas Aquinas Hall, a large multipurpose room with capacities from 300 to 600 depending on the event. The North wing of the building houses the Parish Offices, a small library named after St. Scholastica, and a large fully-equipped, modern kitchen named after St. Joseph. The South wing contains Religious Education offices, six modern classrooms and the Michael O’Grady Youth Area. Outside the youth room is a large grassy recreation area and a half-court basketball area.


South Wing of the Hall. Entrance to the Religious Education School.


Interior view of St. Thomas Aquinas Hall


Interior view of one of the classrooms at the South Wing.