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Confirmation & YM FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Confirmation and Youth Ministry

Is there an online Confirmation Program?

There are NO online Confirmation classes. Our parish is fortunately able to offer and facilitate in-person Confirmation classes. We are happy to be able to have our Confirmation program available to the fullest and be there for our teens to the best of our ability as a parish and community. We have in-person youth nights, bible studies, and youth events. Contact us to get your high school teen involved!

Do I have to be registered at the parish to enroll my child in the Confirmation program?

Absolutely. Families registering for Confirmation and Religious Ed are to be registered members of the parish. Unless a family's local parish does not have an available program present, there shouldn't be any exceptions to this. Should there be any extenuating circumstances regarding registration, families are to contact Sophie BEFORE trying to register for the Confirmation or Religious Ed program.

Who is eligible to enter the Confirmation Program and attend youth events?

Students must be in high school during the Confirmation classes and attendance of youth events. *12th graders who have not yet completed year one of prep for Confirmation, call Sophie for details and see the High School Senior Section in the Confirmation Program Requirements on the Confirmation page. For middle school youth, we have a K-8th religious education program that is seperate from the high school program and events. Catholic School Students see next question.

If I attend a Catholic School do I have to complete the full two year program?

All those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation must attend the full two year program.

"To provide uniformity and consistency in the duration of all parish and school sacramental preparation programs (for Confirmation) in the Diocese of San Diego, these shall be two years in length" regardless of the high school teens attend. (per section 310 regarding Educational Ministry in the Diocese of San Diego)

Please click here for the official letter regarding sacramental preparation length policy.

We no longer have a 1 year program for Catholic school students within the Diocese of San Diego. Families need to plan accordingly to have high school teens ready to complete the full two year program.

Please see the Confirmation Requirements packet for more detailed information.

How much does it cost for the Confirmation Program for 2023-2024?

$150 for the first child

$80 for each additional child


The fee for Confirmation classes DOES NOT include retreat fees. These fees are separate and due at a later time via the online registration form that will be shared after Confirmation class registration. See Program Packet for Retreat information & fee.

Do I have to re-register for 2nd year if I just completed 1st year?

YES, 2nd year students must register online, complete and turn in the UPDATED General Release Form, and read through the Updated Confirmation Requirements packet found on our Confirmation page.  

What if my child has not yet received Baptism and/or First Holy Communion but is in high school and would like to be Confirmed? 

Please indicate this on the online registration form and your child will be placed in the program to receive additional instruction and preparation for First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation (Confession). For these teens who need these sacraments are need to be baptized, your child will receive all Sacraments together at the Easter Vigil evening mass. Teens in need of additional sacraments will receive information regarding the additional preparation in the second semester. It will also be necessary that teens are mentally and spiritually prepared/willing to receive their Sacraments.

My teen is in high school and already Confirmed. Can they still attend Youth Nights?

Yes! Please have any high school teens attend Youth Nights and be involved in the parish. See our Confirmation and Youth Event calendar for information on these events.

Thank you for your interest in the Confirmation Program. Please feel free to email Sophie Aipa at youth@corpuschristicatholic.org or call 619-482-3954 ext. 2003 with any additional questions you may have.